How to Choose the Right Nails For Your Home Improvement Job

When it comes to selecting the right nails for your projects, you first need to know a little bit about each type of nail available. If you haven’t completed many different home improvement jobs, you may be surprised at the variety and choice of nails that are available to you. While you may think that a nail is a nail, you’ll be shocked how disastrous your project becomes if you purchase the wrong type. Most hardware stores sell many different types of nails, including the ones listed below.

You can purchase stainless steel nails, galvanised nails, as well as those made from brass, aluminium, and copper. Nails come in many different sizes and lengths, as well. The most common type of stick nail features a flat head and works for most tasks. They come in various lengths and are fairly cheap. They do, however, leave behind a visible nail head. Common nails work fine for most small tasks, but they may not hold together well enough for other, larger and more structurally demanding projects.

If you need something a bit more specialised, you may want to look at these different types of nails:

· Box nails are similar to common nails in that they both have large, flat heads. However, box nails have a lighter gauge than common nails. You’ll want box nails if you’re working with wood that may split easily. However, box nails may not hold as well as other types of nails.

· Finish nails, on the other hand, have much smaller heads. They’re the nail of choice for projects in which you don’t want visible nail heads. Once they’re hammered in, you can barely see finishing nails.

· A brad is a type of nail that is very similar to a finishing nail but with one exception: instead of a flat head, brads have rounded heads that are even smaller than those on finishing nails.

· For roofing projects, you’ll want dedicated roofing nails which are designed to tack down shingles. Their heads are larger than those found on common nails, and they’re specially coated to prevent rusting. Often galvanised nails are used for this application. For most roofs, one to two inch roofing nails are used.

· Coated nails are covered with a resin that works kind of like glue. These nails are great if you need some extra holding power.

· Threaded, or coil nails, are the strongest types of nail out there. They have as much holding power as wood screws, but they can be easily hammered in. These nails are excellent for more structurally demanding projects such as cabinets that will hold a lot of weight.

· Finally, masonry nails are made from extra-strength steel and feature grooves that give them extra holding power. However, because of these grooves, they must be driven in straight, and it generally takes a heavy duty hammer or small sledge hammer to drive them in. If they aren’t driven in straight, there’s a chance the nail could bend or even break.

It is very important that you use the correct fastener for your application otherwise you risk producing substandard work or even a structurally unsafe job.

Three Easy Guidelines for Attracting the Woman of Your Dreams

There really isn’t much mystery to attracting a woman, is there? I mean, you either got it or you don’t, right?

Well, not so fast. While it’s undeniable that the first spark of attraction is based on physical attributes that we have no control over, there are steps you can take to improve your chances. So you’re not Brad Pitt. So what? Chances are that woman you’ve got your eye on wasn’t expecting to go home with Brad Pitt anyway. Women are more realistic, generally, than men, which is to say they don’t want to jump in the sack with every hot bod that turns their heads (the way — let’s be honest now — men would if we could).

So if she’s not looking for Brad Pitt, who is she looking for? Why, you! Of course! But she won’t realize it if you’re lost in the crowd. And with just a few easy tips, you can stand out and make her take notice of you.

Read on!

1. Look Good.

Yes, I said you don’t have to look like a movie star. But you should still look your best. Your physical appearance, like it or not, will be her first impression of you and will determine whether or not you get a second look. Wear clothes that feel comfortable, fit well, and look nice. Clean yourself up and groom yourself well. Oh, and make sure you don’t have any spinach dip between your teeth.

2. Feel Good.

So you’re looking your best now, right? You look good, don’t you? Now hold your head up, look her in the eye, and smile. You want to convince her that you’re the one for her, so the first thing is to believe it yourself. So be comfortable with who you are, and be confident.

3. Be Good.

Finally, it’s time to pour on the charm. Compliment her, as much as you can. Ask her questions. Take an interest in her. Look her in the eye as much as you can. Give her your full attention. That means no cell phone, for any reason. Turn it off. (If you’re an ER surgeon or suicide hotline operator, you might get away with keeping it on. But otherwise, no.) Be positive, keep smiling. Make her smile. Better yet, make her laugh. The more she feels your feel-good vibes, the more she’ll enjoy your company.

And that’s it. Three easy guidelines for attracting the woman of your dreams. So go on now… time to turn off the computer, go out there and meet her!