Air Tools For the Home Handyman

If you have ever changed a tire by hand, then you can really appreciate the fact that tire shops use air powered impact wrenches. These same time saving tools are available to the home user, at a very reasonable cost. Pneumatic, or air, tools can easily cut the time that your job takes, in half.

There are several types that the home user should consider using. The first type are for use in repairing cars. Air tools like impact wrenches, impact ratchets, and butterfly impact wrenches can make a job very quick. If you have never used an air ratchet, then you can not imagine how fast they are.

An air ratchet is slightly larger than a hand ratchet. It can actually be hand ratcheted as well. It has a switch on the back of the head, to allow reversing the direction, just like a standard ratchet. The first time you have your hand inside a car so far that you can’t see it, then you hit the switch and it jumps to life. Then in a second, or two, the bolt almost magically loosens and the part slides right off.

Attaching the new part, is just as effortless. These tools can make a huge difference in your productivity at home, just like they do in production shops. And once you have the compressor, they cost practically nothing when compared to electric tools.

The second type of air tool that I would recommend are related to nails, and nailing. Many handymen like to build, and when they build they use nails or screws. While there are tools that drive screws, there are hundreds that drive nails. You can find the perfect air nailer to drive anything from staples, to brad nails, to framing nails, to bulk nails.

No matter what you want to build, you can find a nailer that will make your job easier. Just flip on any home improvement show, and they will give you a glimpse of an air nailer in action. Using an air nailer has several advantages over swinging a hammer. One of the main advantages is that when you are using an air nailer, you can more accurately place the boards. Every time you hit a board with a hammer, the board
moves. Take that same board, hold an air nailer to the side of the board, and BAM, it’s fastened. Using an air nailer will not wear out your elbow as much as a hammer will. Plus, you can drive nails at least twice as fast using an air nailer, as you can with a hammer. This added speed lets you finish the job just that much faster.

There are many other pneumatic tools that may help you out. There are air drills, grinders, air chisels. Air chisels are great if you are doing tie rod replacements, ball joints, chiseling rivets, chipping welds, or cutting panels. An air chisel is a tool that you’ll be glad you have. Air tools have the same advantages for the home user as they do when used in commercial environments. You should seriously consider adding them to your shop. Once you see how much time they will save you, you’ll definitely want more.