Three Easy Guidelines for Attracting the Woman of Your Dreams

There really isn’t much mystery to attracting a woman, is there? I mean, you either got it or you don’t, right?

Well, not so fast. While it’s undeniable that the first spark of attraction is based on physical attributes that we have no control over, there are steps you can take to improve your chances. So you’re not Brad Pitt. So what? Chances are that woman you’ve got your eye on wasn’t expecting to go home with Brad Pitt anyway. Women are more realistic, generally, than men, which is to say they don’t want to jump in the sack with every hot bod that turns their heads (the way — let’s be honest now — men would if we could).

So if she’s not looking for Brad Pitt, who is she looking for? Why, you! Of course! But she won’t realize it if you’re lost in the crowd. And with just a few easy tips, you can stand out and make her take notice of you.

Read on!

1. Look Good.

Yes, I said you don’t have to look like a movie star. But you should still look your best. Your physical appearance, like it or not, will be her first impression of you and will determine whether or not you get a second look. Wear clothes that feel comfortable, fit well, and look nice. Clean yourself up and groom yourself well. Oh, and make sure you don’t have any spinach dip between your teeth.

2. Feel Good.

So you’re looking your best now, right? You look good, don’t you? Now hold your head up, look her in the eye, and smile. You want to convince her that you’re the one for her, so the first thing is to believe it yourself. So be comfortable with who you are, and be confident.

3. Be Good.

Finally, it’s time to pour on the charm. Compliment her, as much as you can. Ask her questions. Take an interest in her. Look her in the eye as much as you can. Give her your full attention. That means no cell phone, for any reason. Turn it off. (If you’re an ER surgeon or suicide hotline operator, you might get away with keeping it on. But otherwise, no.) Be positive, keep smiling. Make her smile. Better yet, make her laugh. The more she feels your feel-good vibes, the more she’ll enjoy your company.

And that’s it. Three easy guidelines for attracting the woman of your dreams. So go on now… time to turn off the computer, go out there and meet her!